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Bahía Blanca

The port of Bahia Blanca is the deepest port of Argentina,its deph is reached through a well maintained 52 m channel permitting a max sail draft of 13,71 mS.W.

In Bahia Blanca there are 12 terminals: 5 for grain, 3 for flamable products, 1 for fertilizers, 1 for containers which operates as open multipurpose berth, 1 for gas, 1 for crude oil, plus 1 open berth to load/discharge breakbulk and several minor berth for small and service ships and boats.

  • The port of Bahia Blanca has a 52 sea miles access channel with depth maintained to allow navigation on 13,71 m S.W. draft.
  • The arrival point is No.1 buoy where vessels drop anchor at open sea or proceed to pilot station anchorage at No.11 buoy to pick up pilot.
  • Navigation from pilot station to port terminals would take about 3 hours.
  • Water density 1,025; Tides: MLT 0,79 m; MHT 4,28 m
  • There are four anchorages in inbound order, all of them far off from port.
  • Outer anchorage between No.1 and 4 buoys 50 sm off port.
  • No.11 buoy pstn anchorage 27 sm off port, alpha for inbound vessels and bravo for outbound vessels.
  • No.17 buoy anchorage 19 sm off port usually for bunkering and husbandry matters.
    Not possible to carry out hold inspections at any of these anchorages
  • Bunkering ex-barge usually alongside while loading cargo but when vessel is due to vacate the berth bunkering must be completed at anchorage with extra costs of pilotage, etc.
  • General max sail draft of the grain loading berths is 13,71 m sw, NAABSA excepting Glencore where max sail draft is 12,50 m S.W. NAABSA and TBB No.5/6 berth 11,50 m NAABSA
  • No facilities for hold cleaning