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The port of Necochea with a maximum sailing draft of 13,10 m B.W. has two grain terminals and five berths.

  • The arrival anchorage is an open sea area which, in bad weather, becomes dangerous for the proximity of the shore. This is the only anchorage of the port.
  • The access channel is protected by two breakwaters. The southern one is the longest and is set to protect from the SW winds/swell, the most unfavourable wind. The channel width is 210/180 m with a design depth of 13,71 m.
  • Based on the channel characteristics the port is frequently closed due to swell more than 1,80 m or wind more than 37 km/h with allowances according to the size of the vessels.
  • Swell clause is recommended.
  • Max L.O.A.: 230 m; Max beam: 38 m – No allowances.
  • Max sailing draft 13,10 m B.W. with tide.
  • Tide range about 1 m.
  • Inside port water density about 1.020 due to the interaction of sea and river.
  • Authority does not permit to submerge the Plimsoll mark in brackish water despite that open sea is just one mile off port.
  • NAABSA clause is recommended for all berths.

There are two main berths to load panamax type vessels (3 and 4/5), one berth for handies (6) and one open berth to load vegoil, break bulk (1). Vegoil can also be loaded at one of the main berths (3). Fertilizers can be discharged either at No.10 berth or 3 or 1.